Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Wolfowitz: Future of Nookie for Ugly Men is Tied to his Fate

Embattled World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz reached out for the support of "ugly but influential" business men and high ranking officials who have little to offer but the perks of power.

"Your fate and my fate are inextricably intertwined," he declared at a lunchtime meaning of Old Farts in Pursuit of Young Skirts, a group which masquerades as a men's service organization.

Sporting the latest in a series of hats given to him by Queen Elizabeth II, who was gratified by Wolfowitz's apology to her for President Bush's recent gaffe concerning her age, Wolfowitz exhorted his peers to think of their companions as part of their community service, or in his case, anti-poverty missions.

"We must create a new rhetoric for the service we provide. Think of your current young lady as a developing nation, an entire country to be explored and exploited. Provide her with what she needs to take her place upon the world stage," he urged the assembly of gray-skinned, flaccid-bottomed executives and aides who had gathered for his message. "Provide the frocks and shoes and handbags that will present her proudly to her peers. And provide them in the context of prestigious positions that will enhance her resume."

Having received the blessing of President Bush for an extended stay at the World Bank, Wolfowitz will return to its offices after his awards ceremonies.

His girlfriend is exactly the same amount of butt-ugly as him. Thank God they are too old to breed.
She makes Camilla Parker-Bowles look like Shakira.

Lulu Maude,

Being the biggest Luddite, I pushed the button thingy on my dashboard and saw that you have stopped by.

I have placed your blog on the fabulous links section.


I will pray that Mr. Wolfowitz and his geriatric brethren will continue to be able to pluck those young quails. Praise Him!
Lulu too funny ! That grey topper does match fog..what an acute perception..and no eye contact ..indeed, the Queen was generous !
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