Saturday, May 26, 2007


Mary, Heather, Get Glimpse of New Son, Bluing of Republican Leadership Continues

New moms Mary Cheney and Heather Poe got a rare look at their new son, Samuel David Cheney, when Vice President Dick and his wife Lynne Cheney posed for pictures with their new grandchild.

"We feel that the photo-op should be ours," Mrs. Cheney explained. "We don't want to upset our fellow Republicans with a lot of snaps of homosexual lesbians converting our grandson to their agenda and lifestyle. We thought we saw Samuel giving the eye to a hunky pediatrician, and we knew we had to nip that in the bud."

The internet has been devoid of images of young Samuel with his two mommies, as Samuel makes his conservative societal debut.

Mary and Heather will be allowed visits with Samuel as long as they are supervised by Rev. Ted Haggard, the 100% heterosexual evangelical leader who will be able to provide the infant with an appropriate role model. Haggard recently had his percentages adjusted and should be influential in the tiny lad's upbringing.

Meanwhile, web officials were at a loss to explain the continued bluing of key Republicans. President Bush suspects Democratic subterfuge and has appointed a red ribbon commission to study the matter.

Who do you suppose donated the sperm? What a disgusting thing to ponder.
The answer must be as disgusting as the question.
This whole thing makes me sick. Why is it okay for Mary Cheney and her wife to have a baby when the right is fighting all the time to prevent other gay couples from doing the same? Shame on these hypocrites. I bet if one single Democratic candidate had an openly gay son or lesbian daughter and that son or daughter adopted or birthed a baby the right wing would never ever let it go.
Wow, Lulu, you've been surpassing yourself with day after day of excellent blogs. I'm sorry now that I haven't been paying attention - you rock, and you totally crack me up every time!
I think that Cheney, who doesn't really care one way or another about gay rights, probably thinks that if you have enough money, you can do anything you please. If you're poor, you're simply out of luck because homophobia is the last "respectable" prejudice.

Mary herself is blinded by privilege, as the privileged often are.

If the GOP is having cows over John Edwards's fucking $400 haircut, the concept of the queer son or daughter of a Democratic hopeful who had the gall to reproduce would be held up as final proof that ALL Democrats are the products of Satan Spawn.
I hope that poor kid grows up to be another Patti Davis and writes a tell-all about his miserable, sadistic prick of a grandfather.
Meanwhile, the swine at Fox News reported the blessed event as if it was entirely commonplace, and the viewer lemmings who drink the GOP Kool-aid haven't made so much as a news ripple about it.
LuLu is right.
As long as someone has the right GOP pedigree and enough dough- the rules simply don't apply.
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