Sunday, May 13, 2007


Faces of Home

About this time 17 years ago I blew off a computer workshop to show my adopted home town of Santa Cruz to a really lovely person who was visiting from Vermont. As we chugged around in my '74 VW, I kept thinking, this is really easy. This is great companionship. Why can't I find someone like this here in town?

As it turned out, I'd have to leave behind that home town, The-Land-of-as-Good-as-It Gets, in order to find Home.

She's bright, generous, funny, lovely, low-key, energetic, talented, and creative. She's constantly learning something, a trait I really treasure. We have a language, a million jokes that wouldn't be funny to anyone else, a series of rituals that make days and nights a joy. We have certainly had our problems, and I am better for having stuck around to work through my share of them.

Darlin', darlin': how I love you!

p.s. The Maddie-dog (who also adores her) is on the mend after three really harrowing weeks.

You brought tears to my eyes. Happy Love Day!
wow WOW how great is that ! YAY team ! Happy Happy Joy Joy !
Zipdrive here-
I'm happy for you. But most of all I'm happy for her.
Glad to hear you're happy, honey. And I'm glad sweet Maddie is doing better too!
What a lovely tribute to your sweetie! She is making that dog have the most love-smitten face - adorable both of them! Sure hope I get to meet you both someday, perhaps in Santa Cruz if you ever make it back there. You sound like my kind of women!
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