Saturday, April 07, 2007


Wotta Waste

I hate the whole political money-raising focus of the past week's news as much as I love poetry. I seem to be in the minority here. The media welcome the chance to report the numbers with the same enthusiasm that eighth graders observe student body elections.

I'm not entirely alone, though. This week my co-worker Lisa looked at stories of Mitt Romney's cash stash and sighed. "Think of the good that money like that could do," she said. We slipped into a discussion of what we'd like to see the money used for. It sure wasn't advertising.

It's heartbreaking to think of the money that individuals, PACs, and corporations pour into campaign kitties, the better to fund ads that obfuscate the issues, distort the lives and records of opponents, and generally make real discussions of the issues a wearying ordeal by October.

For my esteemed colleague, Princess Sparkle Pony, the exit of Congress to their vacation break threatened a slow news week. She rebounded nicely, thanks to cherry blossoms, ugly buses, Obama's halo, and Ursula's magnificent scarf collection. For me, it's the mystery of that intersection of art and idea.

Even with Dick Cheney absurdly lurking in the shadows as Dubya attempts to defend the indefensible, it's a dreadful time. bloggily speaking. So forgive me if I want to take refuge in a little truth n' beauty.

Take a page from Alberto Gonzales' book. Go into seclusion and rehearse your next blog entry.
Isn't Gonzales' book printed on toilet paper?
Lulu, THANK YOU for showing me where the money actually goes. I love the visual, it really helps.
You have to take refuge in a little truth n' beauty or you will go nuts.
Take the respite with your poetry. Thanks for sharing it with us and your political views.
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