Thursday, April 12, 2007


Whooooo Can It Be?

O, dear... now those upright Republicans in the White House have lost lots of emails... just accidentally erased from the hard drives of those laptops the Republican National Committee gave them!

I certainly pity these accident-prone members of the administration. They have the hardest time with those darn computers!

Perhaps some nice young techie can help them restore all those emails from that sincere and pious group of political workers!

What's that? Something about two sets of books? I'm not an accountant! I don't know what you mean!

A techie can restore that shit unless they replaced the hard drive. They probably had a techie get rid of all of the evidence. This is so beyond absurd. Oooops, thousands of emails have gone missing but we have done nothing wrong. Oooops.
A person with 2-year associate's degree in IT could find the missing e-mails in about ten minutes. Are we supposed to buy this horseshit?
Ah, yes, the servers. Harry Reid or someone said that emails go through too many servers to ever be lost. 5 million emails over a four year period have been lost? What is wrong with these people?
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