Saturday, April 14, 2007


Steppin' It Up for Climate Action

Did you get out to any of the Step It Up actions today?

I hauled my semi-comatose self out because I thought it was important to show up. I probably haven't gotten over the foiled DC journey and need to get some civic ya-yas out.

The turnout on the Dartmouth Green was not dazzling, though it had a certain hometown charm.

Bernie Sanders told us about legislation that he and Barbara Boxer are co-sponsoring in the Senate. He pointed out what old Thomas Friedman was pushing on Living on Earth the other night: that green industries will not only help to reduce emissions, but will provide new businesses and loads of jobs. Of course, we'd better teach our kids to do something besides take tests well if we want to solve the problems that reducing emissions will raise.

Little kids sported pretty blue planet balloons. A fine blues band distracted us from the cold. Dartmouth's Big Green Bus, which runs on biofuels, hauled people around.

I was disappointed in the small turnout, but the weather was pretty chilly. There were several small gatherings around the state. We probably should have bunched up more. Bernie was running from event to event to lend his support and ideas. Of course, when I look at our current congressional delegation, I know that what Vermonters do well is to elect people who will push for the needed legislation.

A contingent of artists dressed up as polar bears. I don't want to live in a world without artists. Lots of artists.

I probably should have stayed home and done my taxes, but I've been so pissed off about what my taxes are being spent on. This event was good, if shivery, therapy. We need to push for leaders who will spend our money well. As Dubya has amply shown, for all his anti-tax rhetoric, leaders will always spend our money on something.

How about we spend it on saving the planet?

I am glad you went and postponed the tax paying debacle that will no doubt fund more death to the planet and the people.
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