Monday, April 30, 2007


Bushes Share Glimpse of Oval Office Rug to Ease Suffering

In an effort to share the cheer and to alleviate the suffering of their fellow Americans, Laura and George Bush have offered this image of the Oval Office rug.

"Ya can't help but feel better when you look at this little guy," said Mr. Bush as he gazed at the floor. He added that he has "looked into his soul" and found it to be akin to his own.

"They say if ya wanna feel better, do somethin' for somebody else," added Mr. Bush. "I feel better already. Free as a bird, 'smatterafact."

Do I see traces of Barney's dog crap on that rug? No- look, it's right under the chin.
Oh, isn't that sweet? The Bush Family got the Oval Office Rug at Wal-Mart.
'skuze me, 'skuze me.

Mr. Prezelnit Bush sed the key to furrin policy is to rely on reliance.
I suppose as tax payers we should agree to buy these rugs for all the Coalition of the Willing and all of the citizens of Iraq. Why should Bush and Laura corner to market on suffering and alleviation?
Those fuckers shop at Wally world? figures..
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