Monday, April 23, 2007


Bush and Gonzales Plunge into De Nile

President Bush joined Attorney General Alberto Gonzales in de Nile today, declaring stoutly to Gonzales's critics, "He's gonna stay.

"'Berto is the perfect A.G. for me," Bush continued. "He's a slippery, yet ultimately mediocre mind. If he was all that great, I can tell you he wouldn't be working for me."

"What I love about the president is his loyalty to his homies," Gonzales gushed as he treaded water. "I mean, Rummy nearly wrecked the military, but did the boss bail on him for political advantage? Well, I guess he did finally, but it took a whole Congressional election to get him to move him. If we hadn't taken such a thumping in '06, he'd still be here. That's what I call loyalty. Comfort is more important than competence, and the Prez and his homies are about comfort."

"We'll leave all the heavy-duty liftin' and lyin' to the Vice-Prez," said Bush as he spat water on Gonzales. "Let's just you and me have a real good time."

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OK Spewage. If I'd seen this in the am it would have been coffee but now it's beer. Yuk. You crack me up!
Bush seems to love hard-hearted women and simpering, slightly swishy men.
Rumsfeld, Rove, Hadley, Beto, McClellan- all of them have certain wimpy, whiny qualities that makes one question their testicular circumferences.
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