Thursday, April 05, 2007


April Sugar Snow--Whee!

Real Vermonters (both always capitalized, regardless of their place in a sentence) call it sugar snow. (Real Vermonters are those whose lineage goes back 4 or 5 generations. You can otherwise live here 74 out of your 75 years, die here, and then be no more than a longtime resident in your obituary. The rest of us are Flatlanders, not that I give a damn.) Sugar snow is late. It's sticky-granular, and it usually falls while Real Vermonters are spiking sap out of the maple trees and boiling it into syrup and sugar. There are sugar on snow parties, tours of sugar houses, that sort of thing.
It''s a time of great rejoicing, especially when you're a yellow lab whose happiest moments include rolling in the stuff. In another couple of months, she'll be swimming.
It's nice to walk down to Peterson's Pond. The ducks, back for a few days, have gone back to wherever they hide to stay warm. Peterson's a prison guard who treats his neighbors like convicts (should you be unfortunate enough to converse with him), but he does take good care of his pond and the wildlife that gathers there.
Sugar snow is Mama Nature's consolation prize for those of us whose first day of spring doesn't fall till May 1 rather than March 21. Real Vermonters like to say that it's about June 15, but they're just bragging.
Aren't we quaint?

I love the sugar snow and the doggy rolling in it! Thanks for the beautiful photographs.
IS that your dog? What is she doing in all that snow?
That's my Maddie-pup. She loves to roll in the snow. Makes me think that she must be miserable in what passes for human temps. She loves to swim in the summer, but she's most passionate about rolling in the snow.

That's the Labrador in Laborador retriever.
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