Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Anus in the Morning

Today Don Imus will meet with the members of the Rutgers women's basketball team to apologize to them for comparing them to a bunch of nappy-headed ho's.

As can be expected, lots of Imus's fans, mostly younger men, have taken to cyberspace to urge that he be reinstated because he's such a cool guy.

Imus is taking the CBS network's slap on the wrist of two weeks' suspension like a man, which may be the problem. He acknowledges that his remark was out of line. Imus doesn't need defending. He acknowledges that his remark was indefensible. He probably gets the racial part more than he does the ho part. What can this cowpoke learn?

Don hasn't exactly had his consciousness raised. He'll be out for two weeks, and then The Attitude will take to the airways again.

Imus's ego is as big as his ten gallon hat. He is a creation of the popular culture, and politicos and others peddling their American-dream wares have helped to pump it up. He's seen as an arbiter of what's cool and what's electable, God help us. It's hard not to take yourself seriously, with all the fawning he's experienced.

Today Imus will meet with the women he hurt and will try to make nice. If he learns anything significant from him, his listeners won't know it. He'll be off the air for two weeks, after which time he will return, his shtick as arrogant as ever? Maybe. Maybe not.

Another chapter in the life of America.


Let's see: All the important news.

Dani Lynn has a daddy.
Sanjaya had a new hair-do.
Don Imus is an idiot.
I thought Dani Lynn had about four daddies! It's so hard to keep up with all this breaking news.
He really needs some lipliner in that photo you posted.
1. Imus has been fired.
2. Where'd you get the anus photo to put over his mouth?
Google image search... all you have to do is ask for anus and it shall be given thee!

Imus/Anus lost his TV show, but he's suspended for 2 weeks on CBS radio. I'm not even sure he should be fired (not big on censorship, moi)... I'm just saying he's an asshole. But if advertisers decided to drop an asshole, who am I to argue with a free market economy??
You googled anus?
Better hope The Thought Police don't invade your casa.
I've been winking at the Thought Police all my so-called adult life.
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