Wednesday, March 14, 2007


You Expect He'll Appoint Someone Better?

This fabulous montage of journalistic fury is headlining the Huffington Post as I write this. Everyone is calling for 'Berto's resignation.

Just as everyone called for Rummie's ouster. And the baddies at Walter Reed. These are pretty anemic demands, in my jaundiced view. After all, these shenanigans start at the top.

Are the baddies at Walter Reed really the problem? Those fellows at Walter Reed probably didn't have any resources to make things better for our vets. Our tax cuts at work.

Don't get worked up about these underlings. These guys aren't doing anything that their boss doesn't want them to do. Their biggest wrongs probably involve staying on the job. Anyone bursting with integrity would quit. But Bush'll give them medals and nicknames and Heckuva Job evaluations, anyway.

Heckuva nice guy to work for. Just don't ask him to spend any money on anything that would benefit (a) the troops (b)wounded vets (c) anyone who isn't a card carrying major donor Bush loyalist.

Get it? Bush can't hire anybody who's better than he is.

Hey..are you going to photoshop that pic of Uncle Al with the Tshirt?

I was so hoping you would girl..seriously.
I will... just a little behind at the moment, getting ready to go to DC. I downloaded it and will probably do it when I get back.
Bring me the head of Beto Gonzales.
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