Thursday, March 15, 2007


Permission Slip

Dear Miss Crabtree,

I am writing to give my little Hillary permission to say whatever she wants to about gay people, after whoever has said whatever has been said.

Because she is so smart and has such a high I.Q., I understand that Hillary will sometimes evade saying that I am potentially just as moral as the next clod, and after Barack says that I am OK, that she will say that I am OK, too.

It is rough out on the playground, and Hillary must contend with bullies, especially near the slide and tether ball court. She doesn't go near the monkey bars but prefers the see saw and the swing. Please be ready at a moment's notice to allow her to change seats on the latter.

We believe that Hillary is a very promising young lady and is worth any concessions you can make to help her fulfill her potential.

Yours truly,
Her Queer Relatives

I'm getting kind of sick of Hillary dodging questions about queers.
The average American doesn't give a shit about queers and the redical right are *so 2004*.
I like Hillary but I dislike how her handlers are homogenizing her half to death.
She either has the strength of her convictions or she doesn't.
rAdical right.
It's early and the coffee is weak.
I have a strong dislike for Hillary and her silly husband, Bill. I think she is a phony, a big money corporatocractic and will sacrifice anyone and anything to feed her political ambitions.

I do not wish to have another Dynasty occupy the White House again. Bill is corrupt. I could give a shit about his blow jobs, but follow the money. His ties to Mark Rich who has ties to the Bush family frighten me.

Hillary's ties to the war in Iraq are frightening.

I want a new start.

No one is willing to step up to the plate and tell this country to get over their extreme hatred towards those not like them.
I don't dislike Hillary and I love Bill because- although all politicians at that level are corrupt- he was OUR corrupt bastard and at least he cleaned up the deficit and kept warring at a minimum.
Hillary's problem is pandering. She's listening to her handlers too much and trying too hard to be a consensus candidate.
She should run as a smart bitch. That she's genuine at being.
I like Barack Obama because he's smart and too green to be in too deep with the evil money puppeteers who run our political system.
We Democrats are wasting time evicerating our candiates. The GOP will handle that for us.
I say if you hate the Clintons, don't vote for them. But even the biggest Clinton hater would have to admit, they are better than the Bush dynasty.
No, Zippie, I don't think that we are wasting time. That's what the whole nominating process is about... getting behind a candidate that we can really get behind. I am a child of Republicans, and I've never believed in the Repub. 11th Commandment. In fact, it was part of the reason I was kicked out of the Teen Age Repubs. when I was 16. (A day I revere in my little c.v.)
Getting behind a candidate is great but I'm saying we needn't try to publicly demolish Democratic candidates we don't like.
With Mitt Romney, McCain and Guillani in the race, our thirst for blood should be more than adequately appeased by going after those wingnuts.
And the 11th commandment seems to work pretty well for those GOP assholes. :)
Oh I came here originally to ask how the protest in DC went. The NY Times gave a rather docile account of it.
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