Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Be There or Be Square

On Saturday I will join my good friends Sydney and Jacqueline at Constitution and 23rd to begin the march on the Pentagon.

As a transplanted westerner, this will be my first Washington march. In the past I've expressed my concerns on the Left Coast. My favorite march was the one in which a bunch of gay brothers strutted along chanting,

"You say Gre-nah-da,
We say Gre-nay-da,
Let's call the whole thing off!"

But I am always open to new favorites. So I'm off to DC.

You come, too.

Come because you care about the well being of the young men and women in Iraq who have been put in harm's way by people who haven't a decent clue.

Come because you can't afford for your local national guard units to be away from what they are best trained to do: help out at home.

Come because you'll meet people who share your values. Come to share, and come to learn.

Come to show the rest of the world that ordinary Americans (if there be such) are mortified by the practices of the Bush Administration.

Come to show that we all haven't been so distracted and anesthetized by our culture and our privilege to cease to care about the harm that we are inflicting on innocent Iraqis.

If you can't make it, write, email, or call your representatives to let them know that you are with us in spirit. As the Democratic Congress quakes in its boots about just how to get our troops out of Iraq, they need constant reassurance that doing that is just what they were elected for.

Let's take to the streets, the airwaves, the communications systems.

Let's get our troops home.

You go, girl.
I am proud of you for making the effort.
LULU!!! I love you for going..I wish I had the funds damnit.

Please allow me to make a video of your pics to put up on YouTube..its my new hobby..and I of course will give you credit for your pics.
You've got it. Don't be put off by the Dewey Dame thing... it's me. This is just from the Li-berry blog we're starting.
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