Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Ah, Books

As I've said before, I work in a library. However, this is not my mother's library. (My father wasn't much of a library user.) Our library director has several studs in her ears, a "Got Rights?" bumper sticker on her car, and a gay brother and sister. It's a most liberating environment. Yesterday a volunteer blasted through the door to share the joyous news that Scooter had indeed been found guilty.

I was born and raised in Orange County, CA. Our library had copies of The Naked Communist and None Dare Call It Treason. So, this definitely isn't my mama's library.

Yesterday I received an email from my best friend, an announcement of the winners of the Pimp Your Book Cart contest. Library staffs do just that. Here's this year's champ.

We missed our big chance. I can only hope that we'll get a chance to enter next year. We'll start planning early.

Additional views and runners up can be found at the link.

This is fun. I'll have to share it with my librarian friends! Hey, many of us today are thinking that Vermont sounds like the cream of the crop for places to live, after 30 small Vt. towns voted to impeach W (read it in the NY Times yesterday I think!). Way to go, New Englanders! Love the image of you blowing bubbles in hopes of them are precious!
Baby, let me know if you need a set of longhorns.
Yep, Zippie... I was soo surprised to learn that this cart was pimped in Maryland.

Where were the Lone Star librarians?? This seemed so Texan to me.
Actually, when he was governor Bush closed all the lieberries.
He did just fine without books and he figgered we would, too.
I've always wondered about Laura the "former librarian." I'll bet she was a "librarian" for as long as Jenna was a "teacher."
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