Sunday, February 25, 2007


Would You Share a Secret Handshake with These Women?

Poor Delta Zeta. At De Pauw University in Indiana, students identified its chapter stereotype as "socially awkward" in a survey conducted by a psychology professor at the school.

This phrase was in contrast to other campus chapter stereotypes, such as "daddy's little princess" and "offbeat hippies."

Apparently it's okay to be hippies and princesses, but Socially Awkward is another story.

Delta Zeta's national officers then showed how socially awkward they could be: they identified 23 members as being "insufficiently committed" to the chapter and asked them to vacate the sorority house in the middle of the academic year. Not coincidentally, the Insufficiently Committed members were overweight, African-American, and Vietnamese, not all in the same woman, of course. They also constituted two-thirds of the chapter's membership. The move left just 12 Sufficiently Committed members, half of whom quit in disgust at the national's ploy to bring on board more traditionally pretty members who would be acceptable to the school's fraternity men.

(Fraternity men?)

After the survey, the national descended upon the DePauw house like Hitchcock's Birds, interviewing sisters and planning for a more vigorous recuiting campaign in the future. It intimidated the members by insisting that they "look their best" for the interviews. Four members got the drift and immediately withdrew from the chapter. Others panicked, went out and bought new outfits and modelled them for one another before the Great Day.

They needn't have bothered. Before the actual interviews, the national conducted a mid-year recruiting event in which 25 members were told to stay upstairs, while a combination of traditionally pretty members from the school and some similarly exotic imports borrowed from an Indiana U chapter conducted the niceties upon unsuspecting first-year girls.

Clearly, a new ensemble was obviously only one of several demonstrable criteria for continued association with DZ. If a woman wasn't Sufficiently Committed to dump 20 pounds or to powder over an ethnicity or learn to chat about what He wants to discuss, forget it.

What's ironic, say the departed members, is that the most academically and socially committed --in terms of community service-- were let go. They even dumped the chapter president. Women who had done almost nothing for the chapter except to lend their traditional good looks were asked to stay.

I don't know about you, but the women in this picture look brainy, life-loving, independent, promising, and downright sisterly to me.

You ought to start your own club. I'll bet you could carry it off.

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This is unbelievable. I need to put on my pink cowperson boots and go stomp some ass.
Hard to beleive in this day and age. Thanks for your blog even though we started out with an argument.
Those bitches had to be republican..was your party affiliation on the paperwork?

Had to be..
Update! It's turned out that DePauw kicked DZ off campus.
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