Saturday, February 17, 2007


Primates Meet, Commune, Rejoice

Having been snubbed by other Anglican primates at the conclave in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, when eleven bishops refused to celebrate communion with her, American Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori was welcomed to the Holy Table by Bishop Bonzo, a primate in his own right.

Bishop Jefferts Schori has been under fire for her support of both the American church's gay bishops and the blessing of gay unions.

"I'm so tired of the church's trying to control our genitals," said Bishop Bonzo through an interpreter. "I reserve the right to do it in the road if the spirit moves, and, let's face it, zoogoers have seen more than a couple of blow jobs in the cages. Sexual diversity has no impact on Jesus's charge to us that we love one another. In fact, it probably facilitates it. The lady wants to focus on feeding people, curing disease, and educating children, not putting our pee pees in concrete, for God's sake."

"As I've said before, a number of the primates have perhaps inaccurate ideas about the context of this (the American Episcopal) church. They hear from the [dissenting] voices quite loudly that this church is going to hell in a handbasket. The folks who are unhappy represent a small percentage of the whole, but they are quite loud. Bonzo is the most caring and sensible primate with whom I have worked."

The bishops celebrated a small, joyful communion and then retired to Bishop Bonzo's house for bananas.

Said Jefferts-Schori of the snub by the other primates, "Life is too short to get too flustered."

This is very racist commentary. Sorry to see you sink so low.
This is really sick. It's one thing to be crank; it's another to be so thoroughly racist and proud of it.
You know what? I think you are really misguided in this. Why not take the high road and take it off your webpage?
Nope, not racist. Not intentionally, and racism is certainly nothing to be proud of... it's something to be fought, passionately.

Actually, the word the [unsuccessful] parody turned on was primate. I noticed in the coverage of the event that the reporters and Bishop Jeffert Scholari used the word primate to refer to the heads of churches. I then thought about our animal selves (including our white, animal selves) and the church's overemphasis on our sex lives to the exclusion of other aspects of our humanity.

I was raised Episcopalian and am an admirer of the new PB. In my life as an Episcopalian I noticed that the church has always had lots of gays, often in positions of support. The current debate strikes me as wildly hypocritical.

I mean no disrespect to African bishops. The current church hierarchy has some tough issues, especially around AIDS. However, in Africa a great deal of the sexual activity spreading the HIV virus is heterosexual, and again, the scapegoat is the homosexual.

Clearly, this entry is unsuccessful in its satire... I don't usually have to explain myself.

However, another agenda may be at work here, since I don't recognize the id's of any of the commentors... Where did you come from? I wonder if you may oppose the PB and therefore are overly protective of the bishops (mostly African, but not the targets of this piece) who snubbed her. The Archbishop of Canterbury, obviously trying to placate the countries where the Anglican communion is in ascension rather than decline, as it is in the US, is showing no wisdom, no leadership on this issue. With that primate, I do have an issue. And where, commentators, do you stand in this debate?

If this is the case, don't mistake your own homophobia for my racism. I have spent a great deal of my life actively fighting racism.

I considered taking this entry down, but I think that our flubs are as much a part of bloggy selves as our triumphs. In the interest of that humanity, it will stay.
The success of good communication is more a matter of how it's heard or perceived, lulu maudie. If you say something that you consider harmless but is highly offensive to another, then there's a decision to be made. Do you stick to your guns, as it is, or do acknowledge that what you have said really is hurtful? Taking the high road would be the latter choice.

Sure, leave the posting up as a "flub," but please consider how it is perceived by those who also fight racism.

BTW -- I count myself near the top of the list of ++KJS's admirers.
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