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I knew that something was wrong when I read about the big dinner given to honor Molly Ivins last fall. Holy God, I thought, she's on her way out. Then there was the column from Nov. 26 that remained her latest far into December. Molly's always kept my spirits up. How will I go on without her smart mouth?

I was eager to grasp those January columns as a sign that she'd simply been going through another rough phase of cancer treatment. Chemo is rough, and I desperately hoped that she'd just hit another bad patch. After all, there she was again, urging us to campaign against the latest escalation of troop levels.

I'd searched out her home address on Zabbasearch and resolved to tell her, while there was still time, how very much she meant to me. Then I held off, a little unsure of what, exactly, I would say. Saying 'I love you' to a stranger is in dubious taste, but I loved Molly. Last night I determined once again to write that note.

It wasn't to be. Molly Ivins, the freshest, loosest, laughable-est, most insightful voice in Texas and national politics, is gone. Just like that. Her legacy: keep raising hell, and make sure people know how much fun it is.

I remember the first Molly-book I read. The title said it all: Molly Ivins Can't Say That, Can She?

She could, she did, and we're better off for it.

Oh how I wish I'd written to her and told her how much she meant to me! I felt an ache all day long when I heard she was gone. A brilliant wit, and a true hell-raiser, she rose above the crowd of pundits. I'll sorely miss her!cor
I met her once at one of Ann Richards birthday parties. She was about 6' tall, redheaded and wore the damndest salmon pink, frilly dress that looked like it came from a barrel in someone's hay loft.
Ann Richards got up to speak and couldn't resist saying that, once again, Molly forgot to comb her hair for the event.
She was my idol.
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