Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Isn't That Special

What a great way to celebrate Darwin Day... reading that John McCain is going to keynote a bunch of Creationists ... oops... neo-evolutionists next week.

In his untiring efforts to pander to the Christian Right, McCain will address the Discovery Institute Feb. 23, a think-tank that opposes the teaching of evolutionary biology and advocates its replacement with intelligent design. The Institute's financially backed by Howard Ahmanson, who's connected to the Chalcedon Foundation, a bunch that advocates the replacement of civil law with biblical law.

The Discovery Institute states in its web info that it does not favor the suppression of teaching evolution. "We all need to know about evolution." Instead, it promotes the teaching of neo-evolution, the criticisms of the theory, and it claims 600 scientists who agree with its stance. It's nicely phrased weasel-wordiness, and it should play well in the heartland.

Boyoboy... I have only the faintest recollection of McCain's 2000 Straight Talk Express, which must be lying wheels up in some ditch by now. That armpit embrace with Dubya and its attendant fascist pheromones have done big things to McCain's war stressed brain. Now he's embracing the campaign strategists who previously savaged him and rubbing rumps with the likes of Jerry Falwell.

Once upon a time, I actually associated him with potential integrity. I thought he was pretty decent for a conservative.

Johnny, we hardly know ye.

You are so right, Miss lulu,

I used to think I liked him. Now he's gotten all whirled up in the nasty crap. Too bad. I think he might have been a nice person at one time.

Happy Valentine's Day! Git some chocolate!
Oh Puhleeeeze, John McCain! He has sold his soul somewhere along the line, and there isn't any there there. You're right on about wondering where he has veered off to. Too much Kool Aid at the White House is my theory.....
Love the photo fix too!!
McCain has now called for Roe V. Wade to be overturned.
I'm thrilled he did so this early in the race. It'll attract the nuttiest far righties-the same people who served up Bush 43.
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