Thursday, February 22, 2007


Fuzzy Logic and Fluffy Stats

Auditors reviewing Justice Department statistics on anti-terror cases noted that Alberto Gonzales counted cases involving immigration violations, marriage fraud, and drug trafficking, even though no evidence linked them to terror activity. Overall, according to the audit, nearly all the terrorism-related statustics were either diminished or inflated.

Not so! responded Gonzales to his critics. They were merely fluffed and folded.

"My dog ate the first draft," the Attorney General told a House subcommittee, "and then we had to put them back together at the last minute. I guess that's when they got fluffed."

Fluffy, who accompanied Gonzales to the hearing, had no comment on the digestibility of the first report.

So anything and everything gets added to the list of things the govt did to protect us? Good to know we are being kept safe from questionable marriages. Whew, I feel so much better.
Nice to finally see Mrs. Gonzales.
All this time I thought he was gay.
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