Sunday, January 21, 2007


Jenna Bush: First Teacher, Now Lady of Letters

According to Washington Whispers, you can soon add the title of author to first daughter Jenna Bush's résumé.

Already on the blond First Twin's curriculum vitae is the title of grade school teacher, although she was a teacher's aide.

"People exaggerate their experiences all the time on their résumés," said an aide as he pulled one off the copy machine. "As her dad says about the Constitution, it's just a goddam piece of paper."

Jenna Bush, who recently sacrificed a career in education of the impoverished in order to devote more time to sunning on South American beaches, has revealed that she is pursuing a book deal. After her work with Latin American charities, such as Purses for Argentinians and Pussies for Petroleum, Ms Bush has been moved to share her experiences in story form.

She's represented by super lawyer-agent Robert Barnett, who squired her around publishing offices in the Big Apple earlier this month.

"I'm looking forward to becoming an ar-thur," said the young Bush, who majored in English at the University of Texas. "Lynne and Mary Cheney have shown me how easy it is. Besides, I want to inspire the youth of America. We can't all be as rich as Paris Hilton, but with hard work, we can be just as shallow."

Her crotchless panties really put the BUSH in Jenna Bush.
Say... is that a Princess Sparkle Pony thong?

Just a thought.
Well, shallow waters sometimes make for hot selling ar-thurs! Poor little thing, she meant to get a Brazilian wax while down in Latin America, but those papparazzi caught her before she got the job done. It just isn't fair!
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