Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Kilroy Was Here

Dubya may only see the Constitution as a "damn piece of paper," but he's lucky to have it.

If our country ran under the auspices of a parliamentary system, the Deluded-in-Chief would have received a no-confidence vote by now, and we'd be on our way to another government.

I revere our Constitution, but like all grand schemes, Dubya has taught me that it has its flaws. Cops don't like the search and seizure amendment, many question our pistol-packing rights, and so on... but I go nuts when I think that this moron is still the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, that he still has the constitutional power to send our troops off to his wrong-headed and unwinnable war. And that he and his ilk (great word, ilk) can stick around in positions of power for the rest of his disastrous term.

Short of the impeachment proceedings he so richly deserves, I'm afraid I'll be turning off the Voices of the Week part of NPR's Sunday news broadcast, just to be spared the callow version of Texas nasal evangelispeak that he has honed to be his own.

Lord, help me through these difficult days.

p.s. Your President still needs all the mail you can send him.
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