Thursday, January 04, 2007


For Your Country's Sake, Give Generously

I know that many of my fellow Americans are upset about the President's latest foray into our civil liberties, but I am not one of them. In fact, I am going to throw my support behind him one hundred... no, make that one thousand per cent. I think it's time we deferred to his (make that His) expertise.

He is, after all, The Decider. If he wants to read my mail, I think he ought to have that opportunity. He can probably determine better than I can whether or not I'm being terrorized. All kinds of terror messages could be sailing right over my pointy little head. How the hell would I recognize them?

Come on. Once you think about it, you may decide that he ought to read your mail, too. So here's what let's do:

Bundle up all your mail: those Christmas cards, mail order catalogs, advertising circulars, Auntie Beryl's and Uncle Hollowell's holiday newsletter, opportunities for special subscription rates, appeals from non-profit organizations, invitations to investment seminars, love letters, mash notes, post cards for preferred customer sales, two-for-one pizza coupons, reminders for pet vaccinations, your Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes entries... and send them to the White House. If you have teenagers who still resort to the old-fashioned note writing in class, be sure to send those along as well. The Lord and the President only know what messages the terrorists have inserted into the river of communication that flows through our homes.

Now is the time for all good citizens to come to the aid of their country! Box up all the mail you were about to recycle, and send it to:

President George W Bush
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, DC

Please share this message with your friends, relatives, and neighbors. We can't start this latest front in the War On Terror soon enough.

HOOOO WHOOOOOOOOOO..good one..made me LMAO..god knows I could use that lately

God bless you Lulu, your a peach girl :)

That pic..I can steal it? Your photoshoppings are so good.
Oh, hell no.
I get at least 15 offers for credit cards per day and Bush needs money to buy booze and drugs.
I'm pretty sure he could cage my ss# pretty easily.
Maybe they'll tak my water bill!
Well, you know you're right! HE is the only person able to sniff out terrorist activity......if only he could find Bin Ladden..........funny how we never ever hear his name being spoken & yet he's the number one reason for the birth of "homeland security".
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