Thursday, January 11, 2007


Enough of the Psycho-Dramas, Mr. Bush

Dear Junior,

Today a bunch of fellow-citizens and I gathered to line a busy local route with our signs and our consciences to object to your sad little Way Forward, which you attempted to put over on the American people last night.

One of the signs said, "Honk against Surges," and honk our motorists did!

Hundreds of cars went by. Lots of honks, lots of thumbs-up, lots of waves. I counted the negatives: four birdies and two thumbs-down.

Our people, our armed forces aren't toy soliders for you to act out your pathetic little psycho-dramas.

So you don't feel that you are the man your father is. He was a fighter pilot, you were an Air National Guardman of who cut class. He was successful in business; you had to be bailed out of every business disaster by his pals till you ripped off the people in Arlington in the Texas Rangers stadium deal. Then you became our dry-drunk, Godlier-than-Dad president (a dubious distinction) who had to be bailed out of the Iraq disaster you created when you aspired once again to compete with your papa's legacy. How embarrassing it must be to have a bipartisan commission sugar-coat suggestions that you stop lying about the extent of the problem. You don't measure up. Deal with it.

Now you want 20,000 more troops to win the unwinnable war.

Let's recap: Saddam wasn't in league with Al Quaeda. Iraq may have been under his sociopathic fist, but it wasn't a place in which terrorists flourished. The reason? That country wasn't big enough for a second set of terrorists, not with the government terrorizing its own citizens. You created a false threat in Iraq so that Saddam wouldn't be around to create his own oil contracts with companies other than American ones. Then you ignored international protocols on unprovoked attacks. Once there, you refused to acknowledge the realities of the fractious nature of Islam in Iraq today, the antagonisms between Sunnis and Shiites. You don't like history. You don't like military tactics. You don't like anthropology. In fact, you don't like facts, period.

Grow up, Junior. This isn't about you. It's about 3,019 soldiers whose deaths are on your hands. It's about 47,657 injured troops whom you put in harm's way, and for what? For lies. For your nasty little testosterone-pumped ego. For the hideous little cabal gathered about you.

You are not only a failure as a president but as a person. And that hot line to God?

Jesus weeps.

I don't know that he'll EVER get the fact that it isn't about him.
Well, at some level, it is ALL about him now. And I still contend that the murders of over 3000 citizens who died on 9/11/01 are on his hands as well.
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