Monday, January 08, 2007


Cheney Off to Hunt Today!

My stud-muffin of choice, Dick Cheney is off to the hunt today, the better to put food on his family.

He'll be duck-hunting at the luxurious Rolling Rock Club in Ligonier, PA.

What's interesting is that a visit to the club's site reveals a big ol' golf course as its central feature.

Oh well, there are probably some duckies swimming serenely in the course's water hazards, or sunning in the sand traps. I just wish I could be there to shiver in admiration as Dickie emerges from the putting green to blow the little buggers away!

Or perhaps, in the time-honored tradition of hunting retreats for the very rich, the ducks and pheasants are crated up, waiting for the arrival of the Great Men, at which time they are released to dizzily stagger around in the vicinity of their shotguns. Nothing like a challenge for a True Sportsman like my Dick! Actually, this is the Dickster's pet site for pheasants unleashed from their nets for his killing enjoyment. It's better than pitching ping pong balls at goldfish in little bowls, and easier, too! And who can eat a goldfish, anyway?

It's unseasonably warm here in the Northeast, but still wet enough to require some extra assistance in warding off winter germs, so Dick will doubtless take along enough Wild Turkey to discourage any chillblains lying in wait.

Let's hope that club management evacuates any die-hard golfers before the fun begins.

Bag 'em, Dickie! Bring one home to your lovin' Lulu!

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