Sunday, January 14, 2007


Cheney Defends Plan, Progress in Iraq

NEW YORK-- Appearing on Fox News this morning, VicePresident Dick Cheney said that attempts to stem President Bush's new Iraq plan, announced this week, were undercutting U.S. troops in Iraq.

He also said that any "sense of Congress" passed in the days ahead would not halt the president's troop escalation in Iraq, adding that he had not yet heard a "coherent" Democratic plan on Iraq. Bush, after all, is "commander in chief" and "you can't fight a war by committee."

Cheney denied the White House felt isolated or embattled, adding "I've seen embattled administrations, and this isn't one of them." Nevertheless, he would only answer questions on Sunday at the media outlet most friendly with the administration.

He boasted that even though the president on Wednesday cited "unacceptable" conditions in Iraq, "We have in fact made enormous progress."

Oh Lulu, I've missed reading your posts for the last week! Wow, girl, you are on fire! Your sense of humor is awesome, and your political savvy is right-on! Keep it coming!
hey lulu, love the cheney nose and the way you string together quotes. love the babbitt quote which reminds us that not so much has changed since the early 20th. and your letter to junior -- let our tears for fallen soldiers turn into a rage for taking down this adolescent.

Well, you can't fight a war by committee for god's sake. Unless it's the condo board, and that's a whole nother issue.

Can't wait to see the leaves sprout from Blasty's nose.
Why isn't Cheney dead by now?
Isn't it time for him to have that final, huge heart attack?
It would be the best career move that fat bastard could make.
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