Saturday, January 13, 2007


Georges Babbitt and Bush: Sinclair Lewis Is Alive and Well in American Letters

". . . the ideal of American manhood and culture isn't a lot of cranks sitting around chewing the rag about their Rights and their Wrongs, but a God-fearing, hustling, two-fisted successful Regular Guy, who belongs to some church with pep and piety to it, who belongs to the Boosters, or the Rotarians, or the Kiwanis . . . or any one of a score of organizations of good, jolly, kidding, sweating, laughing, upstanding, lend-a-handing Royal Good Fellows, who plays hard and works hard, and whose answer to his critics is a square-toed boot that'll teach the grouches and the smart alecks to respect the He-man and get out and root for Uncle Samuel, U.S.A.!"
Sinclair Lewis, Babbitt

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