Friday, December 01, 2006


Scalia Selects Science Consultant for Global Warming Case

Acknowledging that his love for pursuing the limits of the law has interfered with the development of his scientific literacy, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia introduced his science consultant, Bobby Bixley, 7, who will assist him in preparation for the global warming case to come before the nation's highest court. Scalia admitted that he had found his own public statements on global warming "lacking" in recent interviews with the press.

"It's so cool," enthused Mr. Bixley, whom Scalia recruited from the P.S. 47 Science Fair. "I've wanted to be an expert since I was 3."

"Since most scientists belong to Satan, I'm relieved to have found an expert who is as yet untainted," commented Scalia.

Good one.
Mr. Bixley looks quite untainted. It's a relief, I tell ya.
Yes, Satan definitely likes a nice warm planet - it's no wonder those scientists are all tainted.
Thank goodness Satan will not be a part of all this. Whew.
That Mr. Bixley is so cute, when he grows up I want to bear all his children.
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