Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Not Too Wild about Harry

Okay, I know we were all exhilarated when Dubya got his head handed to him in the November election.

However, don't let the new Democratic majority get you complacent. These dorks, too, are going to require supervision. Lots of it.

Email to remind Harry Reid, who exhibited political dementia on one of the weekend talk shows when he said that he'd consider supporting Bush's sending additional troops into Baghdad to "stabilize" (actually, he said to "pacify") it. Like a cranky child?!

Poor, dumb Harry. What about end the war that we had no right to wage in the first place don't you understand? Forget about saving face. There is no face to save.

Gawd! Harry's email address is

Email: Susan_McCue@reid.senate.gov (chief of staff)

Oh, just, wake me when this nightmare is over. I cannot stand it another minute.
I got an email from Code Pink today saying that all the emails Harry got about this have caused him to change his mind and he is no longer supporting a short term "surge". So, he's listening to us.
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