Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Iraq Study Group Report? The Dog Ate It.

As I surf around the 'net on this post-Christmas day, I find some of my fellow bloggers actually referring to the report of the Iraq Study Group: How can Bush talk about escalating the war after the recommendations of that august group?

It's easy. Reports were written to be ignored by presidents who are made to look bad by their findings. It's what presidents do--especially Republican ones. Nixon, Reagan, and now Junior have all received such reports courteously, then bided time till their unflattering contents faded from the collective American memory.

They're lucky we have such a short attention span, along with an all-volunteer military. We're much too busy buying stuff for Christmas and then taking it back in the days after to keep 79 recommendations in mind.

The Prez and Princess Condi, along with Liar-in-Chief Cheney have simply made a series of mysterious comments about The Way Forward in Iraq. It's going to be all new. You won't recognize it, it's so cutting edge. We're drawing on all sorts of expertise that we can't reveal right now. And, by the way, Rummy is the best Secretary of Defense that this country has ever had.

They have reminded me of a troop of Brownies, singing:

I have something in my pocket
That belongs across my face,
I keep it very close to me
In a most convenient place.
I'm sure you wouldn't guess it
If you guessed a long, long while,
So I'll take it out and put it on--
It's a great big Brownie smile.

You bet.

This is great, so true and so stinging. I'm not exactly holding my breath to find out what those cutting edge ideas will be. I love the photo of the dog - darling!
To obfuscate in the name of communication. These people are masters!
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