Friday, December 08, 2006


Gore Dumps Global Warming Campaign to Devote Energy to Lindsay Lohan

According to Lindsay Lohan, Al Gore is seriously considering giving up his traveling show on global warming in order to rehabilitate her image.

The beleaguered actress said that Gore had approached her. "I guess he realizes that it's more important to make a difference in one life than it is to try to save the world."

Lohan is also hoping that Hillary Clinton will abandon her presidential run and that Bill Clinton will drop his world AIDS campaign.

"I'm faced with so many hard decisions, and I need input. Should I be like, blond or brunette? What about shoes? How about a charity? They could be like, so much help, if they cut back on some of their other commitments. I'm feeling pretty needy right now."

"I've also gotta release my politically/morally correct, fully adequite [sic] letter to the press."

"I've gotta tell everyone how our society should be educated for the better of our country. Our people . . . because I have such an impact on our younger generations, as well as generations older than me. Which we all know and can obviously see."

Lohan has expressed interest in help from leading politicians because she sees herself as a "national treasure."

She's nuts. I am stunned. Is this for real?
Well... follow the link in the headline...

Why Democrats? I want to know. What with the King of Rehab in the top Repugnican slot...
I think she's going with Democrats because it is easier to spell than Republicans. Fewer letters.
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