Thursday, December 07, 2006


Baby on Board

We're all a-twitter about Mary Cheney's happy news this week, almost as excited as the Dickster is about welcoming a sixth grandchild into the family. (That's Cheney code for, We have five others conceived in the Normal Manner).

Of course, everyone has to weigh in on Mary's Blessed Event. James Dobson and Focus on the Family don't see it as all that blessed. Gay rights advocates in Virginia remark that it is a pity that Mary and her partner, Heather, a former forest ranger, reside in a state that withholds gay rights from committed spouses.

What should Mary care? Do the rich need the same rights as we peons do? Halliburton profits being what they are, it's doubtful that Mary will want for much of anything in her new role as lesbian mom. It is interesting that Heather's occupation is listed as only "former forest ranger," Republican code for I don't have to work, you schmucks. Even Mary, a not-best selling author and a vice president of AOL, probably hasn't had to worry about maternity leave.

It's as Scottie Fitzgerald said, long ago and in different circumstances, the rich are very different from you and me. Papa Dick coaxed Mary back on the campaign trail after she balked at the virulent anti-gay theme of the '04 race; there were "other" important issues being addressed. Easy to distract a good scout like Mary with that line. After all, she sees her dad as a man of Unimpeachable Integrity. (How we long to impeach that integrity, and a few other things, too...)

A little kindness from Mom and Dad (for which I offer to them my only congratulations) and a whole lot of money ought to keep Mary distracted a while longer.

I am so glad you found us so we can find you! Great take on this story.

It is the stinking fact that these folks have turned the world upside down by recruiting hypocrites to vote for them on freaking lies and they walk away scot free from any of the consequences of their insidious laws that deprive others.

Great post.

By the way, what is TG Dustin Hoffman?
trans gendered
Lulu, every time I read about people like Mary Cheney, I want to puke. Overly priviledged, and knowing the rules don't apply to her, you are right: she, Heather, and the baby will want for absolutely nothing.

My one hope is that the baby grows up to be a really far-left, pacifist kid who proves that Grandpa Blasty is the crook that we all know him to be.
It is interesting that Heather's occupation is listed as only "former forest ranger," Republican code for I don't have to work, you schmucks.

Lulu Maude, I am so grateful that you can de-code Republican-speak for me. They speak such a strange language, and I need someone more capable than I to 'splain.
Wonder where she got the demon spawn?
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