Thursday, November 16, 2006


President Asks for More War Funding, Told to Get Paper Route

After requesting more funding for "a big push" to get Iraqi war wins in the U.S. column, President Bush's new advisers, the Democratic Congress, have told him that it's time he learned the value of a dollar.

To assist them, the former President and First Da-da contacted old friends in a red state and wrangled a paper route for the younger Bush, the proceeds of which will be contributed to the war effort.

Former President admitted that he and the former First Lady had been too indulgent with the First Son. "I'm afraid the little fucker never worked for anything in his life," he confessed. "His W stands for Worthless."

A phalanx of Secret Service agents will accompany the President on his route, but he alone will throw the papers. Having subcontracted the route with Halliburton, the First Carrier will be paid $36 per paper, charged to the taxpayers.

I absolutely love your blog. The way you write is a total hoot and delight. I agree with everything you write about too. You must be a kick-ass woman, and I'm so glad I found you so I can enjoy your words and pictures every day!
OMG you're from Santa Cruz, my adopted and faraway home town.

I'm blogrolling you right now.
So glad that Shrub got a viable job as a paper boy.
$36, my ass.
Try $360 an issue.

P.S. Sigrid- I made out with your new idol once. It was gooood.
Are you doing this photoshop yourself? I am busting a gut so hard I cannot even read the words. Go lulu maude!
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