Friday, November 10, 2006


The Penta-goon is Penta-gone

As celebratory as the atmosphere has been lately, I find myself in mood swings between glee and continuing despair. Yes, Rummy has acknowledged that the picture in Iraq isn't as peachy as he and Duhbya have painted it, and yes, the Dems have dislodged the self-righteous and credulous Republicans.

Now what?

I can't believe that the Commode-in-Chief has suddenly Seen the Light. Nor can I believe that this infusion of Poppy's playmates will provide the mix needed to leaven our lumpen foreign policy. Read up on James Baker III (select a source outside the traditional media) and learn of his ties to Bechtel and all the economic hit tactics that preceded our current disaster.

The truth is that Duhbya's practices have been unapologetic manifestations of the worldwide corporate raiding that has taken place under other presidencies. We've been up to this nonsense for a long, long time.

I can't think of an American political candidate willing to take on our ugly secrets, unless it would be Dennis Kucinich. And after the reading I've done in the last year, I can tell you that if the American public were to find itself ready to embrace his vegan ways, he'd go up in a puff of CIA and corporate smoke.

If there's anything I know, it's how hard it is for the privileged to surrender even a modicum of the edge that keeps them in power.

Again I say, we can't imagine the extent to which our comfort is built on the backs of the underdeveloped nations.

Here endeth this bummer.

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