Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Delightfully Blasphemous

Allow me to present to you Beer Glass Jesus from that inspirational website, Jesus of the Week.

One of the zillions of job benefits that accompany my current occupation are Susan and Kenneth, two theologians who volunteer on Wednesdays. I am in one of my Searching periods, so I pepper them with questions as we work the circulation desk together. "How 'bout that Ham.. did he get a raw deal, or what?", "so, are we really supposed to have dominion over every living thing?" and other profound inquiries. Kenneth actually breaks open Hebrew Bibles and goes into translation consultations.

The path from the sublime to the ridiculous is short and sweet--Susan came in this morning and brought up Jesus of the Week. I was surprised that it was a dot-com... but links will take you to various commercially available ikons, all ready for your holiday shopping list.

Verily, verily... my cup runneth over: theologians and smart asses all in the same bodies! There's an active cosmic conspiracy for my ecstasy!

As Sister Nancy Beth Eczema would say, Praise Him!

I would indeed!
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