Monday, November 13, 2006


Celestial Biorhythms

Now God wants you to be president, now He doesn't... It tells you something, doesn't it?

That Creator of the Universe is a fickle Fellow. I knew it all along. He was so tempestuous in Genesis, and that's with a capital T. Ready to blow people to smithereens and then talked out of it by one of the patriarchs. Zapped poor Onan for diddling with himself. Sat on His royal Ass when Ham was exiled for seeing Noah's family jewels. Jerked Abraham around on whether or not he would have to sacrifice Isaac.

Wotta power tripper. Duhbya, you can't even begin to compete, though I spoze sending lots of young men and women off to their deaths in Iraq for no damned reason at least gives you bragging rights of the worst sort.

I try and I try, but I can't imagine what Duhbya could have been thinking to act like such a lying sack of shit for the last several years (and those are only the ones I know about) and then expect the Ultimate Endorsement. Puhleeze. He must think that God is a shithead, and his own personal shithead at that.

You have to question Duhbya's devotional sincerity, don't you?

If these folks are so good, so righteous, then why do they have to lie to attain office? Why do they have to turn folks away from the polls and fiddle with their provisional ballots, their absentees, their registration?

I am not naive enough to think that the cultural war these goombahs have been waging is over, but I can hope for an armistice. While the smoke and dust begin to settle, I send this prayer heavenward and earthward, wherever the Divine may reside:

I pray that we the people will make stewardship of our planet among our chief priorities;

I pray that we'll see leaders of sincerity and strength emerge to seek and facilitate solutions to the very nasty mess in which we find ourselves;

I beg for a citizenry and leadership that will recognize the rights of our fellows on this planet to live in dignity and good health, even if it means relinquishing some of our privilege and hegemony.


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