Sunday, October 22, 2006


Rummy, Condi Make To Bold Trip Beyond Iraq's Green Zone

Stung by criticisms that he has placed troops in areas where he himself has never gone, Secretary of Offense Donald Rumsfeld has decided to venture outside the Green Zone during his next trip to rally soldiers in Iraq.

"True, I'll be in unconventional camouflage," Rumsfeld conceded, "but the wearing of camo has a long, proud military history." The Secretary will also carry a bullet-proof Koran.

With Rumsfeld will be Secretary of Shoes Condoleezza Rice, who will don similar but more fashion-conscious camouflage for her task, which is to record the many positive strides that are being made in the new democracy.

"My message to Iraqis will be to Shop Iraq," declared Dr. Rice. "I am looking forward to stimulating the Iraqi fashion economy. She fingered her blue veil. "Does this make me look like Amara bin Al-Rehman?"

Dissembler-in-Chief George W. Bush has encouraged Rumsfeld and Rice, who do not particularly like one another, to use this time to develop their bond. He expects that the camouflage will reduce tension between the two.

"At least I won't have to smell his stinking breath," commented Dr. Rice.

"At least I won't see her pick her teeth," retorted Rumsfeld.

And such a fashion statement! What a great couple!
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