Sunday, September 10, 2006


A Splendid Time Was Had by All

What a vacation! Sun, rain, fog. Reading, dozing, kayaking. Maddie-dog swimming in the sea. Clusters of butterflies nesting in the goldenrod. Canadian geese a-honking. Cormorants with their wings spread. A couple of sparrows we nicknamed Mama and Cuthbert: she was still feeding him, even though he was twice her size. "Cuthbert!" we'd call. "Get a job!"

Good reads:
Skinny Legs and All,Tom Robbins. (Yes, I know you all read it 15 years ago... I am a late bloomer) Blink, Malcolm Gladwell. Poems, always by Irene McKinney (Vivid Companion), Anne Carson (The Autobiography of Red), Kate Barnes (she's the poet laureate of Maine.) I'm currently launched on Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, by Jonathan Saffran Foer, and very glad to be.

We even watched a bit of telly while at our rental house... made me realize once again that it's basically not for me anymore. It was good to watch the U.S. Open and see old Martina Navritalova looking so nice and comfortable in her own skin. I remember her back in the early days looking sort of lumpy and out of place, whiz though she was. There she was, just about to turn 50 and looking so nice and loose and happy, enjoying the game, not taking herself so seriously.

I recommend aging, folks. It does have its blessings.

Back to work tomorrow. I'm grateful for my happy, low-key job and wonderful coworkers. How nice to have left the back-stabbing atmosphere of the public school and to have entered a world in which people like each other and pull for one another.

It's good to be home.

Beautiful pic and sounds like a beautiful, restful vacation. Lucky back to reality! :p
Fabulous! Watching natural events tends to make me quit worrying about the human made ones for a minute. Glad you had fun!
Missed you.
Read "Fall On Your Knees" by
Ann-Marie MacDonald.
Just astoundingly good.
Just ran across you in PSP's comments.
I,too, am of a certain age. Gonna be 56 in November.
What did you think of Anne Carson's book? When I read it, I was amazed.
One of my recent best reads: "Istanbul", a memoir by Orhan Pamuk.
I appreciate your site.
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