Saturday, September 02, 2006


O Wonder, O Joy, O Sacred, Sacred Day: VACATION!

At last we are off on our vacation: the spouse, the dog, and I. We delayed our getaway this year in hopes that many of the yard projects would be complete and less vulnerable to rampant weed-sprouting by the beginning of September.

We're going to Harpswell, Maine, one of the loveliest towns on the Maine coast. We've rented a nice place through, right on the water--are taking our kayaks, books, a guitar, a few DVDs, some books on CD some music (spouse can't live a week without some J.S. Bach pouring through her space).

Maine is so wonderful--big gulps of ocean air, seafood, lots of peninsulas and bays for navigating.

I'll be back in a week.

Did I say a whole week?

I did!

Have a big time, sista. Wish I could go too! It's hot around here!
I love Maine.
With the exception of Bush lovin'Kennebunkport, of course.
Have fun, babycakes.
Enjoy and take pictures..I think Maine is great this time of year.
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