Friday, September 01, 2006


The Incredible Shrinking Reading List

Let's hear it for Dubya's ec-a-lectic tastes.

It started out that the President claimed to have read The Stranger and "three Shakespeares." (I thought perhaps he's said "three beers," but somehow I kept visualizing baseball cards: "I've got an old Mickey Mantle and three Jose Cansecos.")

I guess some snarky reporter must have pursued the matter, because the next time somebody got specific about Bush and the Bard, only Hamlet and Julius Caesar had made the cut.

I could have bought a screening of the two plays, but Dubya slogging through Renaissance English and all those footnoted sirrahs? I don't think so.

The great thing about being the most powerful man in the world is the access you have to all those old copies of Classics Illustrated on ebay.

There's still the Labor Day weekend, and Cliff Notes does a nice job on MacBeth.

Is there a book on that list about Nukuler War?
Bush reading Shakespeare*?
Hell, had I known that I would have loaned him my cat's copies. He loves the bard, too.

*I hope Othello was on his list.
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