Thursday, September 14, 2006


Cheney Recycled Katharine Harris Helmet

Concerned about post 9/11 security, Dick Cheney once recycled Katharine Harris's helmet-hair from 1997, it was revealed yesterday. However, the hair was seen as "too stiff, uncomfortable," and Cheney chose the alternate security strategy of the second government bunker outside Washington, D.C.

"That sucker must have weighed about 20 lbs., all of it in shellac," remarked a Secret Service agent who asked not to be identified. "Cheney had welts all along the fat around his neck and receding hairline."

Cheney summed up the attempt as "more evidence as to why recycling is basically ineffective." He is considering adopting her blush pattern, however.

Lugging around all that extra weight was probably bad for his heart.
I think the sob needs to keep wearing it then Sista nancy..
I think he needs to wear an anvil on his fat head, in that case.
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