Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Sweating More Gracefully

If there's anything that brings out the whiner in me, it's heat and humidity. My parents did me a huge service and disservice after high school when they moved the family to the coast at which time I learned what life at the beach was all about. I've been 16 years in the only New England state without a coast, and I still can't get over how much I miss the ocean. That breeze! That sense of energy! Them negative ions!

I've done poorly with the climate here. My friends thought I would have a hard time with the winters, but it's the summers that I detest. This morning I could barely look the love of my life in the eye, so great was my rage at the sticky sun that bore down on us.

We have a few ways of coping--we sit in the river and throw the ball for Maddie-dog, whose swimming style delights me. We go to air conditioned movies. We sit out on the porch with a zillion mosquito coils and torches lit and do the crossword puzzle till it's too much, at which time we repair to one of a zillion ceiling fans installed indoors. But at times none of these things really add up to much.

I've given myself lots of lectures on perspective, but the get-over-it stuff only goes so far. Yes, I'm a goddam baby about this.

Given the fact that most of the nation is experiencing the harsh effects of global warming right along with the Green Mountain State, I figure that there is a wealth of coping advice to be drawn upon. What do you do to maintain your spirits during sucky stretches of weather like this? Southerners especially, let me hear from you! I figure you know more than anyone!

Even if you aren't a usual commentor, please log in and tell me how you get through times like these. And please remember, getting sloshed is no longer an option for me.

I'm going to the lake this weekend.
Still hot, but at least it's a change of scenery.
Otherwise, to beat the heat I keep my AC at subzero and use fans to amplify the breeze.
Ac, cool cool water and the ocean. I spend np time outside at all this time of year. You know how yall in North start your cars in the winter to warm them up? I start mine in the summer to cool it off. Give up the thought of remaining fresh as a daisy. It ain't gonna happen! Welcome to my world! Oh yeah and go eat barbeque and watermelon. Makes all bad things go away. Good luck!.
I assume that hot weather is The Lord's way of chastising us, so I like to draw up long lists of people I know who could have displeased Him.
Well, since we had two friggin weeks of non-stop 110's and humidity off the charts I did this..

I went to vegas for a week. They are air-conditioned up the wazoo and I could still read and blog and bitch about our current crisis' the booze was topshelf and free.We get comp'd when we go there..the ball and chain has been going there since christ wore reeboks.

Of course I had to come it was back to the evap cooler which doesn't work during times of high I just wept alot and bitched alot and slept alot.
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