Saturday, August 19, 2006


Patrick Swayze Defends Mel Gibson

Referring to a beleaguered Mel Gibson as "a wonderful human being," Patrick Swayze said that the actor was not anti-Semitic and should be allowed to "have a stupid moment."

The "Dirty Dancing Star" said that he felt "bad for Mel."

"I also feel bad for me. It's been a long time since 'Dirty Dancing,' and 'Road House' didn't do all that much for my career. Wherever I go I'm mistaken for McCauley Culkin, mostly because he's no longer the young and cute guy they remember in the movies, either."

"In fact, if Mel will give me a role in one of his upcoming anti-Semitic blockbusters, he can have stupid hours, days, weeks, even epochs. What the hell--I'm not Jewish."

He added, "When you are a pit bull and you love what you do, that talent, like the foulest chili dog, will find a way out. Of course, you should be sure to have your shots up to date and some bromo on hand."

Swayze has invited Gibson to meet him at a local pub for the stupid time period of his choice.

This guy looks familiar but I can't place him.
Then I looked him up at 'The Guide to Has-Beens.'
He's under "S."
He does look like McCaulay Culkin after too many chemicals
His eyelids say "a daily bottle of bourbon."
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