Thursday, August 31, 2006


The Miracle of Technology

President Bush revealed his latest weapon in the War on Terror to Secretary of State Condoleeezzza Rice during an Administrative Retreat at a Motel 6 just outside of Salt Lake City yesterday, sources said.

Bush began taking additional shots of testosterone after the attacks of September 11, Bush's personal physician, Gavin D. Limitt, M.D., told reporters. "He needed additional strength for meeting the challenges that recreating the Middle East would entail. He wanted to be performing at his personal peak."

Dr. Rice took a personal peek at that personal peak in Salt Lake City. "She wanted to be sure that the mayor's protests had not created an additional threat to the President's ability to do his job, that is, to protect America. She is eager to serve his purpose in any way she can."

Dr. Rice pronounced the weapon to be in fine shape, although, an aide to her said, "She has always been supportive of the President.
Criticism is not part of her diplomatic style."

o for the love of are too damn much Lulu..
Now, THERE'S a porn video I'd not like to see.
I doubt that Condi and Bush are fucking, though. I think the only way either gets their rocks off is by killing people.
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