Thursday, August 24, 2006


Barbara Bush Presents

In a generous gesture to the ongoing plight of those displaced by Hurricane Katrina, former First Lady and current First Mother Barbara Bush has offered another $30,000 donation to local charities.

The donation is contingent upon the purchase of "Mission Accomplished" teddy bears by school districts who lay in the path of the hurricane. They will then be donated to schoolchildren during social studies lessons.

The bears were an unfortunate investment by First Brother Neil Bush, who attempted to market them as educational software.

"They are soft, insisted the younger Bush brother. "And they're of historical importance."

"What they are is adorable, as are all my sons," said Mrs. Bush sternly. "Coodly, coodly, coo," she concluded, glaring at reporters.

BabsBush never said anything like 'coodly, coodly, coo' in her miserable life.
The most affectionate thing she ever said to young George W. Bush was, "Run and get Mama another Scotch, Georgie dear."
She says it when she's in her cups, as they say. She squints when she says it.
That is great! Good job Babs! Those little bears do SO much when you have nothing!
LMAO..holy shit..this was good, and KZ's interjection was the cream..
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