Sunday, July 30, 2006


It Explains a Lot

According to well placed sources, Dubya takes lots of testosterone in order to be "at the top of his game" in combatting terrorists.

Dubya's swollen balls date back to his gubanatorial days, when he submitted to drug testing before beginning his presidential campaign, mostly to reassure James Baker III and Laura that he wasn't doing drugs. The tests revealed instead a high level of testosterone, something that he got into through his baseball connections. Since he wasn't competing athletically, just politically, his handlers let their boy have his way. (It makes his defense of his baseball player friends during the doping scandal even more amusing, too... no?)

In any case, all that bring 'em on rhetoric --
In fact, our whole damn foreign policy-- has no doubt been enhanced by Bush's hormonal power pack.

America on steroids. It starts at the top.

You realize this opens the possibility that the past six years of foreign policy can be chalked up to a bad case or 'roid rage, don't you?
Bush is many horrible things, but a manly man he is not.
I chalk his behavior up to untreated alcoholism- as in "stinking thinking."
Well, yes... we alkies (recovering and not) do tend to think that there is something that we can surely ingest in order to make up for our deficiencies. The difference between Dubya and me is that I know that I think that. He doesn't.
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