Monday, July 17, 2006


Competitive Meanness

Nebraska may not be a high profile state, but it has garnered the distinction of having the nastiest anti-gay law on the books since folks started seeking respect for their unions.

The great Legal Minds protecting the sanctity of marriage went all out on this one. A three-judge panel reinstated Nebraska's anti-gay constitutional amendment.

It's a doozy. Not only did it reinforce that man-and-a-woman language that makes everybody feel nice and tight with Adam and Eve, but it forbids the recognition of any form of union or domestic partnership within the state.

And whatever you do, if you must live in Nebraska, take your vitamins. Do not die there. A few years ago a proposed law to grant same sex couples the right to bury their deceased partners was withdrawn after the attorney general ruled that the very idea violated the amendment.

Well! This from a state whose motto is Equality Under the Law!

Triple ugh. What's sad is that these folks probably think that the Lord is well pleased.

Are they still a state?
Who would live there, much less die there?
Fuck Nebraska and their 4-H clubs, too.
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