Sunday, July 16, 2006


Can't We Bring Him Back??

As I've said here before, I miss Al Gore. I miss him even more as I read Greg Palast's account of the Republican theft of the last two national elections in Armed Madhouse.

I had to put down Greg's book for a couple of weeks and retreat from blogging in general, so depressing is the news of how the Republicans have deprived Black, Native American, and Hispanic voters of their franchise on a national scale, then distracted them with the so-called "moral" issue of gay marriage, just to keep them in the fold to which they'll never really belong.

Armed Madhouse is a very well documented explanation of the specific methods of how we have come to this un-pretty pass, and it bears the widest reading possible. If that book doesn't get into the hands of the voters most impacted by these policies, we may never see the legal action needed to reverse this decline. I wonder if the Southern Poverty Law Center might take it on in the absence of the NAACP. The ACLU, fractured by infighting, is not on the scene, either.

In the meantime, here stands Al, possibly strengthened by his star turn in An Inconvenient Truth. There he is, talking about what means most to him, unencumbered by political handlers trying to "improve" his image. He was, as much as anything, a victim of his campaign staff. Is it any wonder that James Carville is married to Mary Matalin? That they stay together tells you something: chiefly that for them, the principles matter less than the potency of punditry, the cum of the contest.

Al, lose these losers and come on home.

In the meantime, readers (if you exist after my prolonged absence), get over to Greg's blog and/or to a bookstore to purchase and read Armed Madhouse, and then let's get some people power going on these stolen elections. For now, the Republicans can get away with fielding Bugs Bunny and still carry the day.

I want David Sirota's book after hearing him speak this weekend.And this one too..I have to figure out how to get both after my trip to San Diego.
I too am sick of politics.
I stopped watching TV news long ago, save for an occasional peak just for the heck of it.
Now I just skim the NY Times a bit.
Same shit, different day.
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