Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Sure Beats Disney World

Win or lose, it's inspiring to see Americans turning out to participate in the democratic process. Take the debate on gay marriage kicked back into life ever so briefly by President Bush. While the Senate didn't pass the measure, at least one family was able to come to the nation's capitol for a truly educational experience and an opportunity to underscore some key values:

"If we didn't believe in miracles, we wouldn't have spent our vacation money to come here," said Sandra Rodrigues of Utah, who with her family has been standing outside the Russell Senate Office Building all week, shouting at senators and displaying signs urging "Stop Same Sex Marriage: It Endorses Masturbation." "If same-sex marriage is endorsed," she explained, "then you're going to have children think it's just another option to have pleasure."

It was indeed worth the trip, just to remind the kids that they shouldn't count all their options for pleasure before they hatch.

I want to slap that bitch..twice even.
I can verify that even the topic of gay marriage endorses masturbation. In fact, this comment took an hour to type because I'm doing it one-handed.
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That's better.
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