Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Rove Explained

How to explain Rove's avoidance of prosecution in the Valerie Plame case? I find myself flipping through the rolodex of disciplinary options.

Theological? Rove will eventually turn on a spit in hell? Too abstract, uncertain, unsatisfying.

Legal? Rove was actually or technically innocent of all charges? Probably not.

Political? Somebody took the fall to preserve Rove's evil genius for the midterm elections and will be pardoned before s/he has to actually serve a day? Possibly.

Criminal? Somebody dug up something on Patrick Fitzgerald, who has now lost the book he so faithfully played by? Maybe.

Scientific? The best possibility of all: here's the chemical formula for slime. The White House isn't much on science, but it knows what it likes. Slime makes its political world go round. Besides, there's always a scientist for sale. The administration has a little dude in the White House basement brewing up vats of slime on a daily basis.

Don't be too hard on Jason Leopold. He's young, ambitious, and still capable of hope.

You're so hot when you do science.
You are hawt Lulu..

I am still thinking jason got the short end of the stick..I just wish he didn't look so bad from previous screwups..At least truthout is standing by their man.
Wal, that's the ambitious part. Scoop-scoop-a-doop, y'know.

We have to be careful that bloggers don't become part of the corporate communications structure.
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