Monday, June 05, 2006


New American Gothic

What fun it wasn't today, listening to America's Dear Liar begin his latest "defense of marriage" via the proposed constitutional amendment. He blamed "activist judges" for undermining marriage as an institution comprised solely of one man and one woman.

What a crock. Social institutions at their most vital reflect the changing realities of the society they attempt to structure. With a divorce rate among heterosexuals at one out of two marriages (this rate at its worst, ironically, in red states rather than blue), it's clear that something hasn't been working in traditional marriages for quite some time. Rather than devote some leadership to analyzing the new realities and studying the ways in which gays are at a disadvantage without some legal status, or address the problems leading to the current divorce rate, the Right hopes to legislate away the deep ties that many gay couples share and ignore the problems of a significant portion of its heterosexual citizens and their children.

It won't work. That Bush is in bed with the Fred Phelpses of the world while he reaps the consequences of his disastrous policies with gutter approval ratings shows the extent of his current desperation. No doubt his statements will play well to the Christian Right, but an increasing percentage of the American public is unable to see just how the love between two people of the same gender threatens the love between two people of differing genders in any significant or meaningful way.

Most Americans, the Bushes included, no doubt, know gay couples, and that knowledge has short-circuited the demonized stereotypes that hate groups like Phelps and his fellow crazies are struggling so valiantly to propagate and maintain.

In the meantime, American soldiers are dying in the chaos of the "liberated" Iraq, and the environment is going down the toilet. Global warming is so obvious that even conservatives are beginning to acknowledge that they, too, would like a cleaner environment, even as Bush panders to polluters and squanders the economic resources we'll need on tax cuts for the rich.

Everywhere these unholy matrimonies attest to the disgrace that is the Bush Administration.

Democrats, get your act together. Your absence of leadership doesn't make you look like much, either.

The shrub and his cadre of assholes will do anything..even though the courts and most of Congress refuse to back them in this bullshit. They refuse to be hypocrites unlike the shrub.
Bush couldn't give a shit about gay marriage.
He's just reverting to a scheme that worked in the recent past and he's hoping the radical right-wing Christian hatemongers will take the bait again---which they will, because they are stupider than a school of catfish.
Dang, what a bunch of bull. Remember, Nations that are of old are no longer...possably due to moral decay and defeated armies!
America as we know it may not survive if society changes to the leftist Liberals.
Where will your freedom be without WAR?
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